• Ella Epton

Redesigning I.R.I.S.E website

I met Kenya LaShelle Elliott through Wix Marketplace. She is an amazing person who is Transformation & Resurrection Coach, Professional Counselor, Behaviorist, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Weight loss Guru and Inspirational Speaker. Her journey is inspiring - from 592 lb to 130 lb today. She also wanted to promote her shop - Beautique and she realized that she needs professional help to redesign her existing site. Check out how the site looked below:

The challenge

The site featured Shop; information about Kenya (on 3 different pages); Paid Membership programs; Booking services hidden inside the University title; Forum; Events, Testimonials (in 4 different places) and it was all hard to find. From my first visit to the site, I thought it's only shop and didn't see the most important information.

So it was clear to me that I have to rethink the STRUCTURE and make HOMEPAGE a real HUB for everything that Kenya offers with CTA (Call-to-Action) all over! I had to start this site from scratch! It was also clear to me that we have to remake the brand and website color scheme.

I also wanted to create a powerful banner where new beautiful and strong 130 lb Kenya was imposed over 592 lb Kenya of 2016 over sunrise sky. Kenya gave me full green light to all of it and the new site was born:

This is a review that Kenya wrote on Wix Marketplace:

"I would like to first say Thank you to God for blessing myself and my small business with such a beautiful, knowledgeable, effective, and talented website designer. Elaton Design is truly amazing and has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure my website is a breathtaking experience from the minute you enter the page. I am honored to have chosen Elaton designs from the recommended designers and she has not disappointed. If you are looking for a web designer, trust me STOP looking Mrs. Ella with Elaton Designs should be your choice!!"