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F2OnSite is a sought-after, top-tier and highly respected I.T. services company, focused on IT infrastructure deployment and project delivery services.

The CEO of the company Donny F. Lauderback hire me to redesign his company web site and to give it a new energy and new look. We decide to integrate video and animation into the design. Also it was important to bring 3 main parts of his business to Home page:

1) Project Delivery / Infrastructure Deployment

2) Field Services Dispatch Program

3) On Demand Resource Staffing Solutions

I was happy to use the new Wix app - FAQ. This is great for SEO and we used portion of it on the Home page and also made an independent page.

It was the first time that my client had more than 100 pages and I suggest using Dynamic Pages! They are all under Intranet - for internal use only. But here is a glimpse of it.

Main dynamic page

Second dynamic page

Take a look to my complete website design for F2ONSITE .

It was great challenging project and I was happy to receive this review from Donny:

"Ella at Elaton is a fantastic designer, no question about it. I am a difficult client, and she was patient, kind and caring. There were times where I was wrong, and she gently explained to my why her idea was perhaps better and it made total sense! I really appreciated having a professional and an expert to work with. We set up a dropbox and google sheet to share ideas and images, it worked well. I had the opportunity to work with pretty much anyone and I made the right choice. We can in underbudget and I am so very pleased !"


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