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Website design for Alison Kenyon

"Alison Kenyon is a seasoned artist and performer whose creative journey has been a vibrant tapestry of colors, forms, and expressions. For over a decade, Alison's artistic focus has centered primarily around the human body as a canvas, using her skilled hands to transform living forms into intricate masterpieces. This unique perspective led her to excel in the world of body painting, infusing her creations with a dynamic blend of imagination, craftsmanship, and storytelling."

I'm very proud that Alison chose me to design her new portfolio website featuring her artistic ventures:

The Divine Feminine

Alison Kenyon’s current series focuses on capturing the regal beauty of women’s faces; not only their outer elegance, but also their inner power.


For Teen's Room

This fantasy mural was created by Alison Kenyon on one bedroom wall of a teen girl who loves crystals, mushrooms, and psychedelic landscapes.

For Caring Tree Children's Dentistry

Alison Kenyon created this kid friendly mural of lovable animals inside Caring Tree Children’s Dentistry in Grass Valley, CA.

Illustration for Books and Branding/Package Design

Body Painting

Alison Kenyon has been body painting for over 20 years, creating body art for individuals, corporate events, private parties, photographers, magazines, film, and television. She was launched to global fame when she won second place on the hit reality competition show Skin Wars.

It was amazing to work with Alison and I wish her an amazing creative journey!


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